About libreant

Libreant is a book manager for both digital and paper documents. It can store any kind of digital data actually, not only books. It’s db structure makes Libreant highly customizable, documents can be archived by their types with different metadata set, moreover you can create your own preset and choose default descriptors for that kind of volume. The search function looks throught over the db, and rank matches powered by ElasticSearch. The language of metadata (as title, or description) is a compulsory field, since the db will use it to optimize the search.

Elements into Libreant are defined as volumes, for each volume you can attach many files, usually this files are pdf or book scansions. Libreant is built and intended as a federation of nodes, every node is an archive. From a node you can search into friend-nodes, with OpenSearch protocol. Possible extensions into Web are suspended.

Libreant aims to share, find and save books. It can be used by librarian who needs an archive system or to collect digital items in a file sharing project.

Libreant is created by InsomniaLab, a hacklab in Rome. for any doubts, suggestion or similar write to: insomnialab@hacari.org

Libreant is Ubercool